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  • FAQ

    • Why The Name?
      We came up with the tagline first, and the name just kind of followed. Our founder has seen so many moving company’s drag their feet and run up the clock. Our movers really do haul ass!
    • Do You Wrap My Furniture?
      Yes, however some people just want the job done as fast as possible. We can skip that part and simply be careful around corners and doorways. Just let the donkeys know and their wish is your command.
    • Why Are Your Rates Cheaper Than Most?

      We are a small family-owned company who believes that you should be able to go out for a celebration dinner after a big move, instead of being too tired, or broke to do so.

      All our rates of service are disclosed upfront so there are no surprises at the end of your service.

    • Can You Move Me On The Weekend? Are There Any Additional Costs?
      There is an additional $100 per day charge on the weekends. This goes straight to the Donkeys for their time.
    • How Does Pricing Work?
      Pricing is extremely simple. We charge a flat hourly rate for 2 men and a truck. The clock starts when we arrive and stops when we move the last item into your destination. There is also a trip charge of 99 cents per mile from our headquarters, to your home, to the destination, and back to our HQ.
    • Can I Get A Quote Over The Phone?
      Yes. Since we have a fair pricing policy, there is typically no need to schedule a time to come out. When coordinating a move, we understand you want answers to big questions NOW. Most of the time, we can give you a price over the phone in as little as a 5-minute conversation.