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  • FAQ

    • Why The Name? And how did you come up with that catchy slogan?

      “We Haul Ass, So YOU don’t have to”.. I came up with the slogan after reflecting on a successful yet labor intensive move into my first large home. Exhausted, sweaty, and irritable, after participating ALONGSIDE movers who seemed to do everything at a snail’s pace. I thought, “what if a moving company existed that could take a job from start to finish without the customer A. Lifting a finger, and B. worrying about the clock being ran to infinity?” Being the entrepreneur I am, I decided to attempt to solve this issue, and thus Dolly Donkeys was born. The motto is repeated regularly to our movers, in an effort to create an ethos which promotes the proper “hauling ass” of employees. I will send movers to your home who work quickly, and effectively, while treating you, your home, and belongings respectfully.”

      -Travis Carter, CEO

    • Do You Wrap My Furniture?
      Yes. We take the time to do this, as wrapping your furniture not only protects it while on the road to your new home, but also protects your old and new home from being damaged while going in and out of doorways and hallways.
    • Why Are Your Rates Cheaper Than Most?

      We are a small family-owned company who believes that you should be able to go out for a celebration dinner after a big move, instead of being too tired, or broke to do so.

      Without much of the overhead costs that bigger moving businesses have, we are able to be extremely competitive with our pricing.

      Also, all of our rates of service are disclosed upfront so there are no surprises at the end of your service. 

    • Can You Move Me On The Weekend? Are There Any Additional Costs?
      The answer is YES. Currently, we do not charge extra for weekend moves.
    • How Does Pricing Work?

      Pricing is an hourly rate. The rate is determined based on how many movers we send to do the job. The price difference between 2 movers and 3 movers is linear, so a 3 man job would cost 50% more than a 2 man job.

      Our experienced estimators can give you an idea of the time it may take to do the job based on the estimated shipment weight.

      Boxes and replenishible supplies that may be needed for the move like stretch wrap, and tape should are reimbursed by the customer. 

    • Can I Get A Quote Over The Phone?

      When preparing for a move, most people are on a tight budget as new home related expenses like down payments, rental deposits, buyer/seller negotiations for repairs, etc. need to be taken into consideration. For this reason, we reccomend a free in home estimate as it provides the most accurate quote within our hourly based pricing structure.

      However, for the shakers and movers who want to get their move booked quickly and easily, we can do phone walkthroughs, and even virtual walkthroughs for added quoting accuracy.